Want to Simplify your trading?

‘Complex Trading Made Simple’ – iFX Robot delivers Professional In-depth Algorithms to be used effectively by experienced traders.


Algorithmic trading, which is also referred to as black box trading in the banking industry, is a trading system that uses advanced and complex logic mathematical formulas to make high-speed decisions and transactions in the financial markets.

Professional Results Delivered.. Simply

The benefits of using professional trading software are:

Trades are executed at the best possible prices

Instant and accurate trade placement

Trade timed correctly and instant

Automated checks on multiple markets

Reduced risk of manual errors in placing trades

No risk of human emotion and psychological fear

We noticed that, for relatively-inexperienced traders or even professional trader, the risks of trading far outweigh the benefits. IFXRobot has produced a series of trading applications - or automated algorithms - that enable users to automate their trades, increasing the likelihood of success using propriety software. We recommend that all clients have some experience trading the forex markets.

The Proof is in our RESULTS!


These results are taken from My FX Book and are an example of the previous performance of our trading tools. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Key Features

Fully Automated in Your Broker Account

Our research indicates that traders are influenced by emotion and instinct, while the limits of the human brain and body mean people can only trade at a certain speed and frequency. iFXRobot eliminates these human failings by using our Algorithms to carry out trades based on instructions tailored to a range of scenarios.

This is why 70% of Pro Traders use Algorithms!

Real Track Records

All records are 3rd party independent verified with MYFXBOOK, who can show our accounts have real proven performance.

Regulated Brokers

Our Algorithms only work with regulated brokers who are renowned for robot and algorithm trading.

Trade 24/5

Trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week in multiple markets and assets classes.


Our dedicated customer support team is here to help and support you with the installation procedure and select your preferred settings.

Stay In Control

Stop whenever you want. Retain 100% control; change settings when you like, or contact our support team to offer further assistance.

Top Speed Execution

Trade with top speed execution and sensible pricing to maximize results using the MT4 trading platform.